Joseph Simms

Joseph Sims Studio Visit for BAILA con Duende

Taught by his mentor John Outterbridge, assemblage artist Joseph Sims combines old shoes, antiquated typewriters, LP’s. telephones and the insides of obsolete computers to create high art. This studio visit with Joseph was conducted and photographed on August 7, 2012 by Lili Bernard in Los Angeles, for the curating of BAILA con Duende.

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4 thoughts on “Joseph Simms

  1. Bernie Varner

    Hey Joe, I’m so proud of you and your works, I always new you would be a recognized artist.
    I’m going to be in town for a week, I would sure love to connect with you, give me a call..

    Bernie Varner 615/945-3805

    1. Lili Bernard Post author

      Hi, Annemarie. I don’t know if Joe’s ever seen this page! In the meantime, here’s the answer to your question: BAILA con Duende means Dance with Spirit. It’s the title I chose for the show I curated at the Watts Towers which features the works of about 75 artists, including Joe. BAILA is also an acronym for Black Artists in Los Angeles. Blessings, Lili


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