There is a plethora of highly talented Black Artists in Los Angeles (BAILA).  We maintain regular dialogue, organizing in person and through our BAILA group FaceBook page.  To visit and join our BAILA group FaceBook page click here.

To view the bios of the BAILA Core members who organize BAILA, click here.

Although far from conclusive, the grid below provides the faces and links to the websites of some  of our BAILA members. There are many more members than appear below. The grid is an online interactive chart of the 75 BAILA who exhibited their works in the inaugural BAILA con Duende (Dance with Spirit) exhibition, curated by visual artist and BAILA founder/organizer Lili Bernard.  The exhibition ran at the Watts Towers Arts Center, a Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs facility, from September 9, 2012 – January 6, 2013.

On September 19, 2014, at the California African American Museum (CAAM) monthly Board of Director’s meeting, Lili Bernard proposed to CAAM that the museum host a BAILA Biennial every two years and that the first one be a sequal to BAILA con Duende. Bernard suggested that it would be entitled BAILA sin Miedo (Dance without Fear).

Artists of the BAILA con Duende Exhibition (click on face to visit artist online)
Mark Bradford
Kehinde Wiley
Betye Saar
John Outterbridge
Artis Lane
William Pajaud
Samella Lewis
Charles Gaines
M. Bradford
K. Wiley
B. Saar
A. Lane
W. Pajaud
S. Lewis
C. Gaines
Henry Taylor
Joe Lewis
Ulysses Jenkins
Noah Davis
Rodney McMillian
Charles Dickson
Toni Scott
Dale Brockman Davis
H. Taylor
J. Lewis
U. Jenkins
N. Davis
C. Dickson
T. Scott
D. B. Davis
Dominique Moody
Lili Bernard
Derrick Maddox
Isabelle Lutterodt
Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle
Vincent Johnson
Bernard Hoyes
Charles Bibbs
D. Moody
L. Bernard
D. Maddox
I. Lutterodt
K. Hinkle
V. Johnson
B. Hoyes
C. Bibbs
Joseph Sims
Duane Paul
Zeal Harris
Miles Regis
Aaron Waugh
Rosalyn Myles
Carlos Spivey
J. Sims
D. Paul
Z. Harris
M. Regis
A. Waugh
R. Myles
C. Spivey
Raksha Parekh
Steven J. Brooks
Teresa Tolliver
Lavialle Campbell
Yrneh gabon Brown
Mochael Massenburg
J Michael Walker
Anna Martine Whitehead
R. Parekh
S. J. Brooks
T. Tolliver
Y. G. Brown
George Evans
Kieth Mikell
La Monte Westmoreland
Donna Brown
Lisa Diane Wedgeworth
June Edmonds
Silfredo La O
Wendell Wiggins
G. Evans
K Mikell
D. Brown
J. Edmonds
S. La O
W. Wiggins
Moses Ball
Charla Puryear
Numa Perrier
Milton Loupe
Ngene Mwuara
Donna Angers
M. Ball
C. Puryear
M. Broyard
N. Perrier
S. L. Jones
M. Loupe
N. Mwaura
D. Angers
Sam Pace
Angela Briggs
Enoch Mack
Ingrid Elburg
Buena Johnson
Sharon Barnes
Yohannes Tesfeye
A. Asungi
S. Pace
A. Briggs
E. Mack
I. Elburg
B. Johnson
S. Barnes
Y. Tesfaye
Greg Pitts
Donald Bernard
Andre Ajibade
Miriam Moore
Kevin Thompson
Kerien Zachery
Jim Starks, Jr.
Liliane Lathan
G. Pitts
D. Bernard
A. Ajibade
M. Moore
K. Zachery
J. Starks, Jr.
L. Lathan
Isaiah Bernard Ferguson
Willie Middlebrook
Joseph Beckles
I. Ferguson
J. Beckles
Artists: Mark Bradford, Kehinde Wiley, Betye Saar, John Outterbridge, Artis Lane, William Pajaud, Samella Lewis, Charles Gaines, Henry Taylor, Joe Lewis, Ulysses Jenkins, Noah Davis, Rodney McMillian, Charles Dickson, Toni Scott, Dale Brockman Davis, Dominique Moody, Lili Bernard, Derrick Maddox, Isabelle Lutterodt, Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Vincent Johnson, Bernard Hoyes, Charles Bibbs, Joseph Sims, Duane Paul, Zeal Harris, Miles Regis, Castillo, Aaron Waugh, Rosalyn Myles, Carlos Spivey, Raksha Parekh, Steven J. Brooks, Teresa Tolliver, Lavialle Campbell, Yrneh Gabon Brown, Michael Massenburg, J Michael Walker, Anna Martine Whitehead, George Evans, Keith Mikell, La Monte Westmoreland, Donna Brown, Lisa Diane Wedgeworth, June Edmonds, Silfredo La O, Wendell Wiggins, Moses Ball, Charla Puryear, Mark Broyard, Numa Perrier, Samuel Levi Jones, Milton Loupe, Ngene Mwaura, Donna Angers, AfraShe Asungi, Samuel Pace, Angela Briggs, Enoch Mack, Ingrid Elburg, Buena Johnson, Sharon Barnes, Yohannes Tesfaye, Greg Pitts, Donald Bernard, Andre Ajibade, Miriam Moore, Kevin Thompson, Karien Zachery, Jim Starks, Jr., Liliane Lathan, Isaiah Bernard Ferguson, and two artists in memoriam: Willie Middlebrook and Joseph Beckles.

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