Dale Brockman Davis

Dale Brockman Davis Studio Visit for BAILA con Duende

Visual artist Dale Brockman Davis’ takes discarded musical instruments and appropriates them into art. Combining palm tree branches, wood, metals, clay and paint, Dale creates his own musical instrument assemblage art pieces. An educator and community activist, Dale was co-founder/director of the legendary Brockman Gallery in Leimert Parks. This studio visit with Dale was conducted and photographed in August 2012 by Lili Bernard in Los Angeles, for the curating of BAILA con Duende.

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1 thought on “Dale Brockman Davis

  1. auToya Vance Liggins

    I had no idea Who My teacher was I just No I was Having a bad time and I hated school but Mr. Davis talked to me and He is the reason I finished School .Im a married Mother of four and licensed cosmetologist. I found My passion and its Art Im a painter and I love cermacis too. Thank You Mr. Davis you were the Coolest Teachers and you gave us HOPE! I have Found it You told Me that I was going to be a artist but I didnt see What U Saw! Screaming MR.DAVIS THANK GOD BLESS AUTOYA


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